Welcome to Zipped Promos

Zipped Promos is a division of Zipped Media Group (ZMG)–– a B2B marketing & media firm with a focus on Music, Entertainment and Advertising Agency business verticals.  


We are a world-class promotional products distributor based in the Greater Los Angeles Area, holding certifications from both ASI® (Advertising Specialty Institute) and PPAI® (Promotional Products Association International). Our certifications reflect our commitment to upholding industry standards and providing high-quality promotional products to our clients.


With our extensive network of media partners, manufacturers, and suppliers, we have established strong connections throughout North America and China. This allows us to offer a wide range of promotional products that meet our clients' diverse needs, while ensuring competitive pricing and efficient delivery.


At our company, we understand the importance of delivering creative marketing products and services on time, especially when it comes to time-sensitive marketing campaigns. That's why we leverage our team of experts who are skilled in various aspects of marketing to help our clients expand their opportunities. With their expertise and knowledge, we provide innovative solutions and strategies that ensure our clients' marketing campaigns are executed flawlessly and within the given time frame. Our experts work closely with our clients, understanding their specific needs and goals, and utilizing their skills to deliver exceptional results every time.


With our team on board, our clients can rest assured that their marketing projects will be handled with precision and delivered on time, helping them seize every opportunity to maximize their success.